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Started this today.
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And look what my awesome room mate made today. It was his first attempt at wood burning and he killed it! ryanafeagin

Wood burned this piece via solar branding.
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Poor swollen Stag! Did this all in one go yesterday on the lovely Abi, I take my hat off to anyone who can sit a day session 😊
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Such a fun customer from last night!
We were originally going to do just the top HCH but in the end she decided she wanted a triangle as well. The anatomy wasn’t quite right for the triangle so we ended up with a lower HCH. I love the staggered depths and sizes with those. I would have LOVED to turn the upgraded VCH teardrop to face up but I was a little worried about that point catching on her pants/undies as she stood up.
Much LOVE y’all!
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This little guy is getting replaced tomorrow, but I still love it so much
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First colour tattoo for @ojfab Cheers for letting me do this
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